Kawaki (krjemb) wrote in yobling,

Thursday's episode

Well, now we know that Warrick is divorced. Yay! Was that a moment between him and Catherine when he had the night vision goggles on? I kinda got a vibe but at the same time Catherine seemed a little unnerved. I was hoping someone wold be inspired to write some fanfic.

Under cut for those who aren't in the US.
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Thanks for that squeeeeeee :) but would you mind putting this under a cut please. Some of us don't live in the USA and so haven't seen the ep yet. That said, if you could find a pic of that moment I'd be very happy.
Can you access www.cbs.com? Because the entire episode is there.
Only if you're in the USA; and I'm not.
Here's a cap. Beware, it's hot. ;)
*grin* I absolutely loved that moment! Awesome to see a nod to those two.