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Se Salva, Chapters 4-7

Title: Se Salva
Chapter: 4-7; 'Los Ojos Mismos' and 'La Cerradura'
Summary: Four robbers return to the scene of a casino heist, resulting in a brutal hostage situation for the three CSIs still processing the casino. Only two CSIs make it out, and the entire team struggles with the aftermath. Catherine and Warrick try to hold what's left of the team together, even when it means putting it before their personal lives. Wendy strives to fill Greg's footsteps and fulfill her own dreams as she finishes her proficiencies, while Nick is devastated by grief -- and heartbreak. Grissom decides that an addition to the team is what everyone needs -- or is it just what he needs? Finally, Catherine recognizes a pair of melancholy eyes on the man who took her, Nick and Greg hostage on that gruesome night, bringing back memories of a tragic love story of years far past.
Heavy themes
NSxGS, CWxWB, GGxSS, WSx??,...
LaughableBlackStorm (overall), Sara's Girl (NG flashbacks), WitchGirl (plot advice) and LostLadyKnight (Yo!Bling consulting)
If I owned it, Greg would get more screentime, Warrick wouldn't be dead, Yo!Bling would be canon and The Love would get wayy more subtext. Insert other conditionals here.
Season 8 (Sara is in Frisco, Warrick is alive and divorced, and Wendy is set on becoming a CSI)

LOS OJOS MISMOS, PART 1... The eyes maintained their staring contest even as the mouth opened, sending vibrations through the prominent, lunging ball in the throat. "This isn't what I meant. As intriguing as they are."

LOS OJOS MISMOS, PART 2... Letting loose a fragile tear for the tragic memory, Catherine slipped back into a stupor, falling somewhere between unconsciousness and reminiscence of lovers star-crossed by the fluorescent and fleeting casino lights.

LA CERRADURA, PART 1... "Yes," she whispered, holding back her own tears for the whole situation, for Greg, and for that treacherous night one month ago, but mostly for the man -- her friend -- sitting in front of her. She knew Nick would never be the same again. "Yes, he really is."

LA CERRADURA, PART 2... Greg stared, astonished by the betrayal, even as he was grateful for the temporary reprieve in violence towards himself.
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