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missing YoBling website

Does anyone know what happened to An Evident Gamble? Or the domain it was hosted on for that matter? I might have missed something about it closing or moving.. I hope it just moved, we don't have that many archives dedicated to YoBling!
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Ah, my site went down. I thought it would expire only in september but my domain expired in July. I was planning to give a warning so people could save anything they wanted to but it came as a surprise to me too, sorry.

I'm out of money at the moment so I don't know when and if it will come back. I'm planning to revive it once I'll be able to but I don't know when that'll be.
It happens! I always misremember when it's time to renew my domain too heh heh

Do you have the site backed up anywhere?? Because I have my own stories backed up but I don't know that everyone else does that, it would be a shame to lose those fics!

I'd love to host it but I don't know how to run eFiction or whether it can even BE run on my domain, the scripting for it is a little beyond my ken @_@
Uh yeah.. I forgot... although my domain expried, my server is still available until September. So you can still access the archive under this temporary address; Click Me.

It's great of you to want to keep it up, although I gotta say due to privacy issues, it all comes down to the permission of the writers. All of the stories published in the archive were submitted by the authors. I have no idea if they have shared them on other websites too. If you start up your own archive, I can send out a mass e-mail to everyone notifying them about the new archive so everyone can decide if they want to upload their stories over there. I do have it all backed up on my server though but transfering all that would mean transfering accounts which all comes down to the permission of the users.

I don't mean to be a pest... it all just comes down to copyrights and the authors' will.
You should back it up, if you still have access to the server :)

That makes sense, it's just that's getting ahead of the game since I'd have to figure out how to set up the archive software itself first on my domain and I'm still not entirely sure what I'd need to set up to do so, unless I've misunderstood and the software is self-contained and just needs to be uploaded.
The software is free to download. You need an SQL database to run it. I downloaded, installed it and customized it (that includes the layout and the help page).
I think that's the part I was unclear about, how one either has or sets up a SQL database (I'm more a graphic than web designer, I tend to keep my sites based in HTML or Flash)
You need to check that with your host. Many webhots provide that, include it in the package.