Lady Vaako (lady__vaako) wrote in yobling,
Lady Vaako

Digital painting

Hi everyone, first post here. I made something a little different and I thought I'd share it with people who like this ship as much as I do. This is a digital painting loosely based on screencaps from "Down the Drain" (which, ironically, I haven't even seen yet). I love the relationship these two have (I'm only on the show's third season). They have great chemistry, they obviously care a lot about each other and they're always there for each other. And I'm sure they would have been very hot in the bedroom... :D

Please do not repost this anywhere without permission. Do not use for icons, headers, layouts, wallpapers etc. If you'd like something made with it, just ask. Thanks!

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Hear, hear! lol

It looks awesome! I love it :) You did an amazing job.
Hee! Thank you so very much! :D And OMG, I'm in LOVE with your icon!!! Did you make it? If not, do you know who did? The look on Warrick's face is absolutely priceless...
lol thank you. Yes I made it. I got some more on my icon journal: glimmeringlight. :)
That's amazing. Season three is good for Catherine/Warrick.
wow, thats so beautiful!

I was so upset when they killed warrick off, yoBling had the hottest chemistry!!!
oh wow you rock!