Madam X (_slytherin_girl) wrote in yobling,
Madam X

Hey everyone,

Hope this little ad is allowed here. Mods, if it isn't, feel free to delete or whatever, just trying to get the word out, not step on toes.

Stretch your creative minds out in roleplay! Roleplay is simply fanfiction that you write with others. Anyone over 18 is welcome to apply. Please see the community profile for details.

Clark County is a CSI-centric roleplaying game with characters currently from all three CSIs, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Shark as well as original characters -all residing in Las Vegas. This community has been recently reset to pick up from the upcoming LV and NY season finales. Many characters are currently available.

We're currently missing pretty much all the main characters after some revamping and don't worry if you're favourite is Warrick and you're like 'oh no! he's dead!' because if you can work out a plausible storyline, we're in. Check us out!

x-posted to a million and one different CSI comm's and then some.
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